Hoard of the Dragon Queen

Session 2

Raiders Camp, Hatchery, On the Road Chapters 2-4

The group leaves Greenest, and heads to the Cult of the Dragon’s camp. The plan is to find the hatchery so they can retrieve Lennithon’s egg, and to find out more information about the Cult. The group surveys the camp and decides to attack a large pavilion tent on the highest ledge of the camp. The tent is investigated by Jonothan, then the group decides to set it on fire and attack the Cultists as they exit the tent. A pitched battle ensues, and the group is victorious, but badly injured and low on resources. They deiced to retreat after archers in the camp below begin to fire on them. In the chaos, both Ava and Moirton’s warhorses leap into the camp and begin engaging in battle.

As the group retreats they are chased by several guards. The group decides to stand their ground and kills the guards. The group rests and decides to use stealth and subterfuge when they return to the camp so that they can enter the Hatchery without more fighting.

The group dresses up like Cultists, and walk into the Hatchery without incident. Inside the Hatchery they see several horrifying things taking place. The first thing they come across that is out of the ordinary is a ritual chamber where they witness the transformation of a Cultist into a Guard Drake. They also discover the truth behind how a Kobold is “born”. They find a shrine dedicated the Tiamat, and finally the group locates the chamber where the Dragon eggs are. They find Lennithon’s egg, a Gold Dragon egg, several Black Dragon eggs, and a few Metallic Dragon eggs that are in the process of being corrupted by the Cult.

The group engages in a fight with a Black Dragon Wyrmling, who they defeat, but not before Steven falls in battle. The group must leave his body behind and escape. They manage to get the Gold Dragon egg, a few of the corrupted Metallic Dragon eggs, and Lennithon’s egg as they escape. The group does find out that the Cult is moving the treasure to Baldur’s Gate. After a stop in Greenest they plan to head to Baldur’s Gate to intercept the Cult.

On the way to Baldur’s Gate the party travels through Beregast and finds it totally razed to the ground. They are attacked by an army of undead and are saved by Lennithon. They return her egg, and she departs. The group arrives in Baldur’s Gate without any other incident.

Once in Baldur’s Gate the group is hired on to a caravan that the Cult is using to move north to Waterdeep. There are a few minor incidents on the way to Waterdeep, but nothing too challenging for the group. They meet a Gnome named Jemma who is also investigating the Cult. She decides to join the party once they arrive in Waterdeep.

While in Watrdeep, the Gold Dragon egg hatches, and Gleadr emerges. He is now imprinted on Ava, and is very happy to join the group and help out with the mission. Also, Razguul goes through a transformation and becomes a creature similar to a Displacer Beast.



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