Hoard of the Dragon Queen

Session 3

Construction Ahead, Castle Naerytar part 1 - Chapters 5-6

The group gets hired on to a new caravan that is headed further north. The Cult is using this caravan to smuggle their treasure north, just as they used the last caravan to get to Waterdeep. The caravan goes to the Carnath Roadhouse, which is used for building supplies for the rebuilding of the road from Waterdeep to Neverwinter.

The group sneaks into one of the warehouses and finds a hidden tunnel that runs all the way to the Mere of Dead men. When they emerge from the tunnel they find a camp of Lizardfolk. One of the Lizardfolk asks the group if they will help them defeat the Cult and their Bullywug allies and free their families. The group decided to ally with the Lizardfolk and their leader Snapjaw.

The group is able to walk right into the castle with the Lizardfolk. The group finds the treasure sorting room and attacks and kills the Cultists there. They load up on treasure and continue through the first level of the castle. They get to the guest rooms and are attacked by Azbara Jones, a Red Wizard. Once that battle is over Snapjaw and the Lizardfolk are dead, the group is wounded and low on resources, and they decide to retreat with the help of Moirton’s magical prayer beads. The prayerbeads allow the group to become wind and fly out of the castle back to the tunnel that leads to the Carnath Roadhouse. On the way back to the tunnel they witness the Lizardfolks being slaughtered by the Cult and Bullywugs.

Once back at the roadhouse the group retreats back to Waterdeep to regroup. It is decided that the goup will return to Baldur’s Gate to talk with Ontharr. Once everything is settled in Baldur’s Gate, Jonothan decides to leave, and the rest of the group heads to Thudertree to recruit more help. They add Crio, Toramund, and Thalin to their ranks.

The plan is to head back to Castle Naerytar in the Mere of Dead Men, take the portal in the castle and find the rest of the treasure.



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