Hoard of the Dragon Queen

Session 1

Greenest in Flames - Chapter 1

Ava meets Adam in Thundertree, like her, his family was from there. Adam has been searching for information about them. The two head to Baldur’s Gate to search for more information about the Cult of the Dragon.

Meanwhile, Moirton is camping outside of Baldur’s Gate and meets Steven. Moirton decides to accompany Steven on his search for help finding an army to save his town. After being turned away by just about everyone he talks to, Steven meets Jonothan in a tavern, and as they are discussing terms for Jonothan’s employment, the three are attacked by cultists. Steven also finds out that the Lord’s Alliance might also be able to help him, so he, Jonothan, and Moirton go to the headquarters of the Lord’s Alliance in Baldur’s Gate.

Ava and Adam are at the Lord’s Alliance headquarters speaking with Ontharr Frume when Steven, Jonothan, and Moirton arrive. On Ontharr’s suggestion, they all decide to form a party and investigate Greenest to try and stop the Cult of the Dragon.

When the group arrives in Greenest, it is in fact under attack by the Cult and a Blue Dragon. The group sneaks into the city, attacks a group of cultists and disguises themselves. They run into a group of Kobolds and Moirton makes quick work of them. They also run into a family, and after a brief misunderstanding get them safely to the keep.

While in the keep the group is confronted by Lennithon, a Blue Dragon, who agrees to leave the town in exchange for the group recovering her egg from the Cult.

As the night winds down a Half Dragon named Cyanwrath challenges the champion of Greenest to a one on one fight. Ava steps up to the task and slays Cyanwrath. The Cult leaves Greenest and the group takes the next day to heal, rest, and re-supply.



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