Hoard of the Dragon Queen

Session 4

The group left Thundertree and headed to the Carnath Roadhouse. When they arrived both Thalin and Moirton got an uneasy, unholy feeling. The scene that laid out before the group was one of wanton destruction; smashed buildings, dead bodies, and destroyed supplies. The tunnel that was previously used by the Cult to transport their treasure to Castle Naerytar had been caved in.
The group decided to travel overland through the Mere of Dead Men to reach the castle. The journey took two days, and on the evening of the first day as they made camp and slept each of the group had vivid, horrible dreams of their homes being overrun and destroyed by dragons.
When the group arrived at Castle Naerytar, they found more destruction. Not only was the castle razed to the ground, but there former courtyard was littered with bodies of Lizardfolk, Bullywugs, Cultists, and an enormous Black Dragon. As they moved closer to the Dragon’s corpse they discovered a man weeping by the Dragon’s lifeless body. He revealed himself to be Voaraghamanthar, and it turns out he was the brother of the fallen Dragon. He explained to the group that in the past few months the cult had moved up their timetable and had sacrificed all that they saw before them, and in doing so successfully brought forth an avatar of Tiamat. Voaraghamanthar also explains that not all Dragons are part of the Cult, nor do they all want to see Tiamat’s return. He then leads the group to the broken portal and is able to repair it, and the group goes through.
The group then finds themselves in the Greypeak Mountains and a very posh Hunting Lodge. As they group looks around they find a small barn inhabited by a Troll and a White Dragon Wyrmling. They slay the Troll, and free the Wyrmling, Vinarth the Taker of Life. She decides to help the group and explains that they should speak to the mistress of the Lodge, Talis the White.
After a rather fine lunch, and some fanciness from Moirton, the group is granted a meeting with Talis. She explains that she is interested in seeing the Cult return to the old ways. She thinks that it is foolish to raise Tiamat, as she has no desire to die, or see the world destroyed. She allows the group to use some trained Wyverns to fly up to Skyreach Castle.
The group also learned from Talis that the flying castle would be leaving that evening, and that the castle was made by Cloud Giants who were letting the Cult use the castle to transport their treasure hoard to it’s final destination.
The group makes its way to the second level of the castle and into the chambers of the Cloud Giant Blagothkus. He is being attended by two ogres, and when he sees the group he immediately attacks. The fight is over after a few rounds, the group is victorious, but because of all of the damage the tower sustains it is destroyed. The group flees the tower and finds a cave entrance as they are running.
The group explores the cave and finds the treasure hoard. They also discover a large White Dragon named Glazhael the Cloudchaser. They reason with Glazhael, and he allows the group to leave. The group heads out onto the porch to take a rest. Once they are fully rested they use Moirton’s Necklace of Prayer Beads to become wind clouds and explore the castle fully. They discover two Stone Giants, a Red Wizard, a Half-Dragon, many cultists, and many orges. They also find the control room of the castle.
What they see is a giant crystal suspended in the air surrounded by twelve pods with humans inside of them. The plan is hatched to rest and recuperate, invisibly enter the control room, kill the humans, and destroy the pods. In doing so, they would essentially crash the castle, destroying it.
The plan goes off without a hitch and the group uses Moirton’s amulet once more to become wind clouds, and escape. As they watch the aftermath, they see the Red Wizard, the Half-Dragon and several Cultists escape. The remaining cultists enter the control room and begin chanting, turning the crystal into a glowing, pulsing, unholy bomb. The castle crashes into the city of Candlekeep and the destruction also engulfs the neighboring city of Beregost. The fires spread to the Cloak Wood and the Wood of Sharp Teeth.
The castle crashing is seen by all in the region, and it is yet unknown the full extent of the damage, or total number of casualties.
The group returns to Baldur’s Gate, and has a debate on what to do next. Adam and Crio want to keep quiet about the whole thing. Toramund and Thalin wish to turn themselves in. Moirton, Ava, and Jemma want to talk to Ontharr Frume and see what his take on things are and feel out if he should be told. The group requests a meeting with Ontharr for the next day.
The group arrives at the Mighty Oak tavern to meet with Ontharr. The discussion goes well, Moirton and Ava are very convincing about the cover story. Their story is that the group traveled to Castle Naerytar, discovered it destroyed, met the Dragon, discovered the portal was destroyed, and returned to Baldur’s Gate to give the information to Ontharr. Toramund and Thalin looked visibly upset, and Ava finally broke down and told Ontharr the truth.
As Ava was explaining what happened to Ontharr, Crio, Jemma, and Adam escaped the tavern. Moirton attempts to use his family name to his advantage, and eventually strikes a guard and attempts to flee. He is stopped by Toramund.
Ava, Moirton, Toramund, and Thalin and arrested and sent to jail. Each member of the group gets a note several days later from Crio, who promises to help them escape if they wish to. The group writes back to Crio to inform him of their decision. Moirton is visited by his father the night before the trial, and Ava is visited by Ontharr.
The day of the Trial they are all led to the courtroom. Moirton and his barrister Envir are seated at one table. Ava, Toramund, and Thalin along with their barrister are seated at another table, and the Prosecuting barristers are seated at yet another table. The crowd consists of Moirton’s family, Otharr, and a few other people the group does not know. Opening statements are made by all three barristers as the session comes to a close.



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